GTD + R :: Getting Things Done + RHODIA

It is very simple for the concept. I call it "Card game for push through the work" as metaphor. Anybody wants the tasks or work to get things done sooner. To get things done, you have to capture it. So I call it the GAME to clean up the tasks.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Your own rule

The rule of "GTD + R" is very simple. Writing down the task on the paper (task sheet), preparing the field to sort them easily, carry around the POCKET to get the things done anytime, anywhere.

I think you can understand easily. And you also can add your own rule easily.

There is a plain Free POCKET. By using it you can manage the information except the tasks.

I released "GTD + R" as Version 1.0.
You can make your own rule and build up the version by yourself.



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