GTD + R :: Getting Things Done + RHODIA

It is very simple for the concept. I call it "Card game for push through the work" as metaphor. Anybody wants the tasks or work to get things done sooner. To get things done, you have to capture it. So I call it the GAME to clean up the tasks.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sub finem

How would you like it? I hope you find the attractiveness of the "GTD + R".
I hove a few words of warning you about it. GTD is not "Silver bullet".

If you have no mind to accomplish the work, it is same as before. And it is the most important thing that "keep doing it". The key for that is "do not think about it too much".
If you think about it too much, you have bad blood circulation and bad brain traffic.
The way to keep doing GTD is just relax.
As a habitude, like brush your teeth, GTD is going to be your daily rhythm.
You will feel the effect as follows.

  1. The stress is released and you feel good!
  2. New idea comes up!
  3. Getting your life interesting!

You will feel that your life is changing.

Happy and Enjoy your Life.



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