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It is very simple for the concept. I call it "Card game for push through the work" as metaphor. Anybody wants the tasks or work to get things done sooner. To get things done, you have to capture it. So I call it the GAME to clean up the tasks.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Tactics phase

You must do the Tactics phase before you start to work.

Set up

Sit down on your chair and set up the Game. Put the field on your table (in front of you), and set out the POCKET. Speak out "I'm doing it" (affirmation). Take a deep breath once.

Gather the task sheets

At the beginning, you take the task sheets out from the INBOX POCKET, and gather them on the central space.
Take the task sheets out from TODAY POCKET, and WEEK POCKET and put them on the space.


Tag the verb to your task sheet and circle it. The verb must be specific about the action for example, "Look up", "Buy", "Try", "Make", and "Think". I call it Tagging.

You can find out what you have to do for the task by tagging. It is useful for settling on the priority.


You sort the tasks to the each area on the FIELD.

TODAY area --- Space for TODAY TASK
WEEK area --- Space for THIS WEEK TASK
MONTH area --- Space for THIS MONTH TASK
HOLD area --- Space for REQUESTING TASK

Leave the task sheets that you can do in 2 minutes on the center space.
Some of the tasks are not task but just memo or note.
Put them out from the FIELD.

Put the task sheets in the POCKET

Put the task sheets that are sorted in each area in the POCKET.
Sorting the tasks and putting them in the POCKET, you will find the task that you are looking for quickly.

* The POCKET can be stranded on a table.

The end of the Tactics phase

There are only some tasks which is "Able to do it right now" in the FILED.
Getting done the tasks and throw away the task sheets. When there are no task sheets, it means you cleared the Game.

This is the end of the Tactics phase. It takes about 10 to 30 minutes.



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